Lieuwke Loth – Gallery Owner 

Art can give energy, light and oxygen to the soul, all received via the eye. With art you don’t need words. It is another language. One that speaks to your heart, soul or spirit. 

Art can touch, inspire & empower you. 

Art can be a gate to another world of imagination and of the subconsciousness. It can give you a clear thought, idea, emotion or inspiration. It can show you other insights and give you an escape from reality as well…

For sure paintings or sculptures can give a soul to a space. It can add a lot to your home or garden. Often the purchased art has a symbolic meaning to the owner. 

I love to add this spark of light to the world. Not only by creating my own art and exhibiting it in the gallery in Competa, but also by giving other artists space and exposure for their art. For the collection and exhibitions in the gallery I do select on quality, professionalism and authenticity.

The artists who we are representing are from various countries. Art has no boundaries!

You’re very welcome to have a look at the art on this website, but of course you’re also invited to experience the art in real live in the gallery Luz de la Vida!

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