Christa Hillekamp from Germany, living in Competa, Spain:
The artist Christa Hillekamp was attracted to art and experimental creativity from a very young age.
Her professional career was always balanced between the arts and social work, and quite often combined.
Since moving to southern Spain in 1993, she works as an independent artist in a very lively international artist community.
Meeting people of different cultures, the surrounding natural environment and travel are great inspirations for her work.
Christa uses different techniques with oils, inks and acrylics, depending on the theme, and incorporates materials like ashes, sand, glass, rusty metals etc..Her special way of Experimental Art in Mixed Media, opened up a huge space of creative freedom to Christa Hillekamp. With her paintings she expresses her impressions encompassing both imagination and reality.
She is now also offering dibond prints, which have a complete different look due to the used technique.

David Noalia from spain, living in Sevilla:
David (1977) is an artistic lover of light and color, where the most important is to transmit the emotions lived to be able to share them and above all that the work speaks for itself, with solid arguments where each work acquires its own independent character. From the time he was a child to a child of six or seven years, he was born with the need to portray on physical support, drawings with strokes and colors, being prominent throughout his studies
in the field of drawing and painting. Spend a season painting in Paris, approaching the great masters of Impressionism live, painting numerous paintings and collaborating with Parisian galleries, he also spends a season in
the Sierra de Granada (Las Alpujarras) where he paints landscapes in the natural, reinforcing his learning in painting Directly natural with nature. He studies in the program "Young Creative Experiences 2003, taught by Diputación de Sevilla. He is a painter who loves simplicity and everyday life where he learned that in the simplest things, they are full of beauty and harmony and he tries to convey his works and to reflect his emotions, regardless of the structure of the theme, landscape, interior, etc. He has exhibited in numerous occasions, collectively and individually. David runs his own gallery in Sevilla.

Paz Sanz Fle from Spain, lives in The Netherlands:
"Women in their strongest shape , connected with their deepest energy”.
Paz was born in Zaragoza in Spain, in the middle of dry landscapes, ochre colored soil and rocks formed by erosion. Warmth and sunlight. Her narrative is an echo of femininity and spontaneity which speak of sensitivity. She tries to capture a moment of rest and clarity in her work. They are simply women with their full power and inner energy, without pretensions, in the middle of a life full of history and feelings, with their feminine mystery. So much at once: daughters, mothers, partners, lovers,
friends and caretakers. Efficient, spiritual, women of many worlds. Naked. It could be any one of us. Just a sketch of a life lived. The colors arise per layer, just like the stories that form us.
To Paz the African woman is the symbol of power, cheeriness and determination. My sculptures are without color, only a 'black spirit, because we might be anyone, irrespective of our origin. The eyes closed, the power we find inside.
During the past 20 years she has participated at more than 150 exhibitions, showing her art at several places in the
Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain.

 Anne-Barbara Lenzin from Switzerland, lives in Basel:
Makes ceramic sculptures, wall and object mosaics. She made the beautiful big mosaic at the gallery wall as well during the Art Walk 2017.
Her works radiates soothing beauty and joy of life. The energy of a place and its emotional and spiritual vibrations are always important for her. Anne-Barbara Lenzin currently lives and works in Basel but comes regularly to Spain.

Neil Bolton from UK, lives in UK:
Artist Neil Bolton was born in 1958, studied Art at Ipswich and Norwich Schools of Art and worked for the Department of Art at Homerton College, Cambridge. Painting and drawing have been a lifelong activity for Neil who spent his childhood in the Suffolk countryside, a place that inspired a deep love for landscape and the natural world. Oil painting on canvas is the main form of Neil's art which is focused on the areas of landscape, portraiture and figurative, as well as still life. Made from direct observation of the subject by painting outside in the landscape in the manner of the Plein air artists such as Camille Corot, Claude Monet and the French Impressionists, paintings are finished in one session in the open air or over a long period of time in the studio using numerous studies in oil paint. Primarily a painter, Neil also uses drawing extensively to understand the subject, its structure and dynamics to generate ideas that open possibilities of how a painting may take form. Regular visits to familiar places in Cornwall, Suffolk, North Yorkshire and recently Andalusia in Spain, provide the basis of Neil's landscape painting. During painting, observation, ideas, memory and sensations merge with the abstract dimension of the paint itself.
As Cezanne stated "There are two things in the painter, the eye and the mind, each of them should aid the other." As a portrait artist, Neil prefers working with a small range of people, creating his finished work from many sittings in the studio. The result is an accumulation of the study of both the physicality and personality of the sitter. The qualities Neil achieves in his painting have resulted in him often being referred to as a painter's painter. Neil exhibits his work in a number of galleries in Cornwall and North Yorkshire and has paintings in private collections in the UK, America and Spain. Neil exhibits his work in a number of galleries in Cornwall and North Yorkshire and has paintings in private collections in the UK, America and Spain

Alberto Tarsicio, Torre del Mar, Spain
Alberto paints mostly with oil on canvas but he also has his own technique with charcoal and pencil on wood, combined with cutting the wood. He is also dedicated to video and photo projects, works together with dancers and musicians and runs his cultural centre in Torre del Mar, inviting International artists and musicians to bring their talents to this easy accessible communal place.
The main concept of his work is a study of how we write our own reality and how we tell it to the others. There is a lot of invisible connotations in the construction of the idea of reality, he tries to make it present. He works with different subjects and medias, but in all his works one can find this concept.