Lieuwke’s Art: 

Besides drawings and paintings I also make bronze sculptures. I transform my ideas into different materials. While creating works of art I listen to my inner guide and intuition. My creations are the expression of my feelings and imagination. My work has a primitive appearance, often with a symbolic or mythical meaning. I am always looking for the soul in the art object. And if it starts to communicate with me I know my drawing or sculpture is doing what it should do. 

In my experience my artworks can be a gateway to another world – a world rooted in the subconscious and in the heart.

Connection In my artwork I combine animal shapes and characters of animals with human features and characteristics. This represents the connection between nature and all human beings. 

When showing my work, I hope it incites each and everyone to find a spark of harmony, peace, light or happiness.

Laser Cut Art:

I create designs for laser cut metal pieces. I love traveling for inspiration and the works I make are influenced by the cultures and countries I have explored. Some I designed in Uzbekistan and Thailand, others in Spain. They are made out of stainless steel or cortensteel. The pieces can be hung outside and inside. With some light on the works, they get an extra dimension. And it can give a complete different feel to a living room, roof terrace, patio, or garden.

Luz Eterna Art:

A new concept will be developed in 2021/2022

  • beautiful graveyard art & memorial sculptures
  • bronze, ceramic and laser cut art urnes 

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Luz Eterna Art

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