Current exhibitions

Galeria Luz de la Vida shows a big variety of art works. From figurative paintings of Competa to abstract works. From ceramic sculptures to lasercut art work out of metal and wood. From little bronze sculpture to re-circle deco home interior objects. From dreamcatcher to art post cards and posters, to professional art works by International artists. Art exhibitions run during the year.
Till 2020 the gallery organized International Art Symposia, this year we start again!
Next Art Symposium Luz: 17–24th of October.
From 25th of October we’ll have a show with art made by Polish & Danish artists.
Now on show:
Re-circle Home Deco, recycled materials, unique pieces made by the collective Han Renting and Lieuwke Loth
Instagram: recircledecoart
Facebook: recircledecoart
Paintings by Javier Gonzales Montero (Spanish artist)
Lasercut art by Lieuwke Loth / Insta: Lieuwke Loth/ Fb: Lieuwke Loth Art
Ceramics by Marcio Mattos
In stock:
Paintings by Art Symposia artists, now on all art that’s made during Art Symposia a 25% reduction.
Prints and cards of drawings by Nina Ludgate
Prints and cards of paintings by Rossana Ragusa
Prints and cards of drawings by Lieuwke Loth
Prints and cards of paintings by International Art Symposia artists
The weekend of 4th and 5th of May, live music by Roberto and live drawing and painting by Lieuwke Loth,
gallery open the 4th: 11:00–17:00 and 5th: 13:00–17:00
Are you looking for a unique and special art work for your property?
Art can add value to your house or garden.
We have paintings, sculptures, lasercut art and much more.
We can also take commissions for paintings or lasercut art work.
The gallery in Competa is a special place where one can find art of good quality AND inspiration & empowerment.
Welcome 🙏
Galeria Luz De La Vida:

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